Plan now to attend the 2nd Annual NECPO Classic Pattern FLy In. Date and time to be announced.

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Do you have a Passion for Classic Pattern Airplanes?
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This is Classic Pattern!

What is the North East Classic Pattern Organization? NECPO is a group of dedicated Sport Flyers with a strong passion for Classic Pattern Airplanes.

NECPO is aimed towards Sport Flyers in the North East region of the country. Sport Flyers that have a desire to build, fly and preserve radio controlled aerobatic airplanes the way they were back in the day, "screaming 60's on the pipe"! Airplanes like the Kaos, Dirty Birdy, Deception, Compensator, Phoenix, Blue Angel, Aurora and the list goes on and on. It's all about flying these classics for the enjoyment of it and not necessarily about competition.


We need you! We know there is a large concentration of Sport Flyers in the North East that are still building and flying these awesome aircraft, and we would like to find out where they are all located. NECPO's goal here is to establish a database of Classic Pattern pilots in the North East in order to get us all together for various events, particularly large, non-competitive Fly-Ins of Classic Pattern Airplanes. If there's enough interest, low key competition events are also a possibility. We're going to need everyone's help to get this going. NECPO is your CLUB! With your help NECPO can span the entire North East and parts of Canada!

How do you become a member? Thatís easy! Membership is FREE! Show your support for the Classics and help pass the word by joining!

So, if you have the passion and want to fly what the Big Boys flew back in the days of the True Pattern Wars, then NECPO is for you! Maybe you've been sitting on the fence about getting into this phase of the hobby, then NECPO is for you! If you're looking for the Comradery and Fellowship that comes with flying and having FUN without all the stress of full on competition, then NECPO is for you!

Everyone in the North East region of the country is invited and encouraged to join us in "Preserving the Classics for Future Generations!" For more information please feel free to contact us.

Thursday, September 19, 2019
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